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The Cecilian Music Club is the second-oldest music club in the United States.


We are a non-profit organization that supports Classical Music by providing programs for students, teachers, and community members of all ages interested in music and performance.


We welcome you to join us as a member or attend one of our upcoming events!

We've done away with the 10-cent fine for missing a meeting that was enforced in 1883 (when we were founded by six women of Freehold, NJ), and we don't even insist on members practicing 1 hour a day anymore! We are proud to be the second oldest music club in the United States, continuing with the mission described in our Club's earliest records: to advance the interest and to promote the culture of Musical Arts in the Freehold Area. Of course, today we have set our horizons slightly wider--our members come from all over the Tri-State area, and no matter their instrument or musical experience, they all share one thing: a love for listening to, learning about, and performing classical music.

For Students...

We organize several events throughout the year which give music students the opportunity to perform in historic and prestigious concert halls, both on a competitive and more open basis. We believe that encouraging children to gain performance experience is an important and fun aspect of a complete musical education. We also welcome adult students to join us as members, and we often meet as a group to perform for each other

For Teachers...

Member teachers are the driving force behind many of our programs and efforts. The Club offers teachers a professional organization that builds camaraderie and creates an open forum to discuss work and experiences. We meet regularly to discuss music and perform together, and our vast network of teachers forms a friendly and dedicated community. Any of our members' students are welcome to enter into our student events, and we welcome teachers to bring their ideas to the group for organization of new programs and events!

For Music Lovers...

In today's fast-paced culture, we would like to reach out to everyone in our communities and let
them share the moments of harmony and excitement that music creates. The majority of our
student concerts are open to the public.

There is always something fun coming up, so we would love to have you join us at our next
event! If you would like to become a member, please check "membership information" for more.
As a non-profit organization, we will also greatly appreciate donations; they are incredibly
important in allowing us to preserve the programs that we have tried to put together for
students and for the community. Music has a beautiful way of bringing people together, and we
hope you can join us in keeping this classical tradition alive!

Who is

St. Cecilia

st cecilia.jpeg

Simon Vouet, “Saint Cecilia”, ca. 1626 

St. Cecilia is known as the patron saint of music, because as she died in martyrdom, she is said to have sang praises to God. It is believed that Cecilia lived in Rome in the 2nd century under Emperor Alexander Severus. Her husband Valerian and brother Tiburtius were also martyred before she herself was arrested.

Today, St. Cecilia is often depicted playing a musical instrument, in particular a violin or organ (although these instruments did not exist in the forms in which they are portrayed during her time). Roses, singing, the harp, flute, and harpsichord are also often attributed to her.

It just so happens that St. Cecilia is the patron saint not just of music, but of poets, Albi (a town in France), and Mar del Plata, Argentina. And of course, of the Cecilian Music Club.

We are not a religious organization, and our affiliation with St. Cecilia is merely another link to the classical traditions which created our club. Today, we are comprised of musicians of many cultures, backgrounds, instruments, and experiences, but like Cecilia, we are united by our belief in music's ability to transcend all of these boundaries and bring people together through its own unique power.

If you would like to become a member or make a donation, or if you have suggestions or questions, please email


To enter a student in one of our competitions or recitals, please see the page of the specific event under "Student Opportunities." For more information about student opportunities or upcoming events, please email

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